Sunday, May 31, 2009

Four Week Old Betta Fry

This little guy/girl (still too soon to tell) is hunting for food... well not so much hunting as watching it intently before snapping it up. Which is what he/she did right after this picture was taken.

They seem to enjoy hanging out near the Mystery Snail that lives in the tank with them. I am not sure, but I think it is because something he excretes is edible to them. One day I saw as many as two or three with a lip lock on him before going for a ride all about the tank when they were about a week old or so.

If you look at the snail closely in this picture you can see the little white wormy looking things. They are growing naturally in my tank thanks to some plants I picked up at PetSmart a few days before the spawn. They are food for the fry, as of yet I have not had to introduce any outside food source for them.

In this picture the fry is seen coming to the surface for air. At around 4 weeks their labyrinth organ begins to develop. You can see the tiny bubbles that they have been busy blowing all over the place in the last day or two.

Hard to see the fry in this image. To put it in perspective the gravel is the regular size aquarium variety. The fry is located in the center of the picture.

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