Sunday, May 10, 2009

Betta Love

Today I am sharing with you my hobby of breeding Betta fish
first the tank needs to be set up. Temp is kept between 80-82 degrees, Styrofoam cup cut lengthwise for the male to blow the bubble nest under.

The Bubble nest

The female Betta after a day of "courting"

The Spawning

The eggs hatched the day after spawning. This picture was taken when the babies were Two days old. The male moved the bubble nest from below the cup to the front of the tank.

Here you can see the young falling out of the nest. They kept the male very busy for about three days until they were able to swim on their own.

You have to look closely to see them but here are pictures taken today of the five day old babies. I took the male out two days ago, but I think he had already munched on a few as I have only been able to count 9-10 of them.

The babies are the tiny brownish spots with a black dot on them. Clicking on the pic will open it up larger so that they are easier to see.

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