Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Babies Grow Up So Fast

3 Fry at the base of the plant

The baby Betta's are now three weeks old. At day 4 after they began to hatch I removed the male, had I removed him a day sooner I may have more fry swimming about.Turns out to be a happy mistake because I only have the one ten gallon tank, and a dozen or so fry is the perfect number.
Another happy incident that actually occurred two days prior to the spawn was the purchase of some plants at the local PetSmart. I noticed a day or so after the fry began to hatch that my tank was full, and I do mean FULL of teeny tiny white bugs. There were long skinny (in comparison) ones and short round ones. They were best seen with a magnifying glass... a little research educated me that they are a normal part of tank life, but the best part is that they are natural first food for baby Betta's!
Three weeks later the bugs are all but gone... the larger ones anyway. I can still see small ones with my magnifying glass. The fry are growing very well... some are bigger than others which is interesting to me. The all hatched at the same time, have lived in the same tank, eaten the same kind of food, yet there are some that are noticeably larger than others. One in particular is very small, about the size it was at 3 days old. I call it the runt... doubt he/she will survive. :(

Life in the Betta Tank video shows how they were doing about a week ago.

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